Effortlessly Cool

Stories of Loss and Cardi-gains



Elyssa Garrett is a woman who cringes at the thought of writing about herself in third person.

Born and raised in South Florida (“the groin of the United States”), I developed an urge to travel early on. After graduating high school I did my first backpacking trip through Western Europe before moving to Chicago for school. While studying Radio/ Television/ Film at Northwestern University, I worked on my fair share of student films, DJed for the Rock Show on WNUR, and occasionally worked the concession stands at football games. During a semester abroad in Madrid, I worked at a music distribution company and became so enamored with the music industry (and Spain) that I decided to look for work in music back in Chicago (and planned to someday return to Spain). I took various positions in the industry, first at a record label, then a music licensing and supervision company, and finally–my favorite position– at a radio promotion company. Despite my love for the music industry and Chicago, I decided to move to Chile for a stint to volunteer as an English teacher. After half a year in Chile, I returned to Madrid where I currently reside, teaching English, writing, and traveling whenever and wherever I get the chance.

I hope to someday write something that ends up in the Critical Reading section of the SAT. That’s all I can hope for any of us.

I also tweet about once every eight fortnights: http://www.twitter.com/elyssagarrett

If you’d like to get in touch, email me at elyssa.garrett@gmail.com

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